Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Del Norte: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Luke Sneyd, Two Hours Traffic, The Special Pillow

Yasss, yasss, I know, staggeringly creative, but thanks for saying so.

God, I hate writing these blurbs, but here goes anyway. Sorry, that was graceless; let's try again. I was danged happy today to hear from several very talented folks, the fruits of whose excellent labors I am posting below. You've perhaps noticed I've got a thing going for New Yorkers The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (and I do feel your pain, Big Applers, trust me, this purity of heart thing is a total drag, but that first song down there shows you're working on it, and I'm sure you, too, can devolve and get surcease), so I was delighted to hear from guitarist/vocalist Kip Berman offering more tuneage, plus an upgraded mp3 of the one I posted Monday. Très cool and immensely satisfying.
Likewise did I enjoy the product of Torontan Luke Sneyd, who, judging from that pic up there from his MySpace site, plays pretty much every instrument in his excellent songs. I'm posting two, but you can hear others here.
Luke Sneyd - All of Us Cities
I only got one downloadable from Prince Edward Islanders Two Hours Traffic, but it's a goodun, and you can ear more here. . .definitely worth the listen. I'm hoping eMusic will make nice with these guys, 'cause I'm definitely buying.
Finally, a couple of excellent songs from Hoboken, NJ veterans, The Special Pillow. Their MySpace site says their music comes in three flavors: sweet, sour, and psychedelic. Three out of three ain't bad. Two more downloadables await you at MySpace.
The Special Pillow - Sleeping Beauty
My visitors tend to be smart (I mean, obviously), so I probably don't need to mention that the collage up there shows the four acts in the order discussed. Click for zoomview/if you want to. P.S.: That's Kip on the far right of the TPOBPAH pic.

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