Saturday, June 23, 2007

Around the Blogosphere/Chronosphere

Yasssss, maybe I'll just change the name of this silly little blog to "Around the Blogosphere" and be done with it. I hope you're not tiring of these AtB posts, but if so, don't blame me, it's these dadgum bloggers I frequent who keep posting all this great music. Here's what I mean:

Teenage Fanclub - Born Under A Good Sign + 3 more by the great Scots - Headphones On - Liz shows no sign of letting up, and that's a good sign indeed.

Let us now enter the Dalston Oxfam Shop, where Mr. Shopper has posted a superb blend of clandestine sounds from 1994. Below are my faves. Clicking on any of the following will take you to all of the following, plus eight more. I've gotta say I've never been much of an Oasis fan, but "Fade Away" I really like. I've never seen a brickbat, either, so if you're gonna hurl, at least show it to me first.
Ride – Let’s Get Lost – Dalston Oxfam Shop
Lush – The Childcatcher – Dalston Oxfam Shop
Oasis - Fade Away - Dalston Oxfam Shop
Frank Black – Freedom Rock – Dalston Oxfam Shop
Velvet Crush – This Life is Killing Me – Dalston Oxfam Shop
Lisa Germano – Energy – Dalston Oxfam Shop

If that isn't retro enough for you, how about setting the Wayback Machine to 1967, aka "The Summer of Love?" LG over at Ingrained Refrains has put together a superb post of 18 studio songs from the year, plus six live numbers from the legendary Monterey Pop Festival. All the major, and some minor, food groups are represented, so go feast. (The Beatles, The Doors, The Who, The Box Tops, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jefferson Airplane, Harper's Bizarre, Jimi Hendrix, you get the pic.)

Finally, on the off chance you have spare time this weekend, a baker's handful more.
Spoon - Rhthm & Soul - I Am Fuel, You Are Friends (The next song's in the same post.)
Built to Spill - The Plan - I Am Fuel, You Are Friends
The La’s - I Can’t Sleep - You Aint No Picasso
The Garlands - You Never Notice Me - Indie-MP3
Citizens Here And Abroad - Appearances - mp3hugger
Mates of State - For the Actor - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good

I have one word to all these fabulously generous bloggers: Ta! (I first typed "MWAH," but, you know.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

pplist said...

Thanks for the great posts, liz!

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