Thursday, June 07, 2007

Triangles, Three 4 Tens, Contrast, Lodger, Jeremy, Elf Power

I know, I posted this Elf Power song before, but it's my favorite by them and the thing doesn't work for me anymore, and I just found it elsewhere, and anyway, why not, etc. Most of these others I happened upon within the last day to a week. I posted a nice one by The Contrast back when I was a babyblogger (toddlerblogger now, I flatter myself to think), along with several other excellent songs from Rainbow Quartz. In case you're interested. Click band names to satiety.

The Triangles - Meatblanket mp3 - Thanks to Coast is Clear; two more there.
Jeremy - Make Love, Not War mp3 - Thanks to Lars of Brilliance Records for getting in touch. This one comes just in time for 40th-anniversary celebrations of the Summer of Love. (pic)

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