Monday, October 22, 2007

Around the Blogosphere Catchup, cont'd - Speed of Dark Edition

As always, indie mom and alt-gramma have been putting their twenty digits to fine use. The result: a wealth of hot digitals for yours to paw over at Speed of Dark. Too bad it took mine so long to get me there during this month-and-a-half of torpor. Too good they finally did. Thanks, kind/kool ladies!

Oppenheimer - Saturday Looks Bad to Me & This is a Test - Speed of Dark
Scarce Returns - (Call Me) Karona Khrome - Speed of Dark
Letters to Cleo - Pizza Cutter & Little Rosa - Speed of Dark

They Might Be Giants - Mammal & Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - Speed of Dark
Division Day - Reversible - Speed of Dark
Maps - You Don’t Know Her Name & To the Sky - Speed of Dark
Tim Gilbertson - Palm Trees and Postcards - Speed of Dark

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