Friday, October 19, 2007

Duys & Golls: Looker, Love of Diagrams, School, Girl Band, Manchester Orchestra, April Skies, Airfields, Celestial

Beyond the terrestrial. . .
Never, ever accuse me of not being in touch with my inner wuss (or I'll weep), and this post proves it. Kind of a staff/distaff thing, too, though not necessarily in that order. The hardest-hitting song is by Girl Band, if that tells you anything. Bon weak-end, valued visitors.

Girl Band - Today mp3 - Celebrating homicidal nonfruition

Manchester OrchestraBrother (Annuals cover) mp3
Celestial - Lake Como (remix) mp3 - You can get the rest of the wonderful EP, Last Day of Summer, here. Thanks to the ever-faithful Girlfriend! And, heck, I've just gotta repost this heavenly beauty:
Nothing Happens; Twice mp3 - Oh My Godot, what a powerful semi-colon!

Click band names for additionals.

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