Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Whole Lotta to Love

My happy spot enlarges near to bursting as I continue reconnecting with my favorite blogs. Thanks, favorite bloggers. I've previously posted songs by some of these artistes, so check out the Labels thingy at the end of the post if you're so inclined.

Tally Hall - Two Wuv - The Underrated Blog – Another early-2006 pleaser rediscovered on a recent nocturnal mission; dumb title and dubious objects of affection, but this should carve out a neatish niche inside the average poppernoggin’.
Bears - Wait and See - you aint no picasso
Vox Von Braun - Lord of Pesetas - Milk Milk Lemonade

The Legends - Closer - Obscure Sound - plus others by the omnitalented Mr. A.
Rebecca Scott - Book of Love (Magnetic Fields Cover) - Milk Milk Lemonade
Magnapop - Thirteen (Big Star Cover) - My Old Kentucky Blog – Evidence of another excellent covers project at MOKB

Film School - Dear Me & Go Down Together - Untitled Records
The Capstan Shafts - Carbon Neutral Enterprise - The Yellow Stereo
Tiny Masters of Today – Hologram & Trendsetter - Obscure Sound

Arcade Fire - No Cars Go - Untitled Records
The Storm – I’ve Gotta Tell You Mama - Raven Sings the Blues
Sam Gopal - Midsummer Night’s Dream - Raven Sings the Blues


Anonymous said...

wow p'list, the bears songs is soo beatlesque, the vox von braun rocks so mightily, and the magnapop version of 13 actually has a backbeat...cool. too bad the tally hall links are gone - cant wait to hear the rest of yr posts! you have the BEST taste! good evening and sleep well! johnbuck

pplist said...

Thanks, johnbuck. Your comment is much-appreciated and much-needed. I'm sorry about the Tally Hall link. I checked it shortly before posting. I've noticed that sometimes a post will trigger such a takedown. The ways of the blogosphere are mysterious indeed.

Anonymous said...

pplist, johnbuck100 again, yr blog is #1 for powerpop! you have incredible tase, man! have you been to heather's "i am fuel, you are friends blog" to check out the new superdrag posts, especially the covers. highly recommended!

pplist said...

Jeez, johnbuck, I'm even more speechless than usual. . .so I'll cry instead--tears of joy, of course. (Don't spend that twenty I slipped you all in one place. . .)I love Superdrag, so I appreciate the headsup about fuel/friends.

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