Wednesday, October 17, 2007


As recently indicated, I've been off my rocker rota lately, so I'm trying to play catchup with my favorite blogs. No doubt many of you have been there yourself, but Matt over at SKATTERBRAIN has been serving up some really nice hooch the past month. Here's what I liked best, but there's lots, lots more there, and your taste may vary.

The Manhattan Love Suicides - Head Over Heals - SKATTERBRAIN
Young Sensation - Happiness - SKATTERBRAIN
The Lucksmiths - Falling Off of My Feet Again (Siddeleys cover) - SKATTERBRAIN
The Siddeleys - Falling Off of My Feet Again - SKATTERBRAIN
Pants Yell! - Magenta and Green - SKATTERBRAIN
Modular - Playa Biquini - SKATTERBRAIN
No Age - My Life’s Alright Without You - SKATTERBRAIN – Slightly askew, but I like the chording and that little hook at the end.

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