Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thrusting and Bursting with Aggressive Kantian Positivism

No curtains this time; we'll use a thrust. Thanks for visiting during Year One; I hope you'll do so some more. We begin with guidance from the same Voice who initiated proceedings here one year ago today and then branch out.

A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug mp3 - No, this isn't a theme post; it just kind of happened.

The next four I found at the site of the generous soul who more than any other, helped me get started on this blog and gave unselfish support all through the first year. It goes without saying that the music-loving Dane also put me--as he does myriad others--in touch with fabulous tuneage. Thanks, Morten, now and always. And don't worry, folks, these are but a few sparks from the powerful music machine that is Hits in the Car.

Mary Goes Round - Mary's Yellow Dreams mp3 - From Morten's latest Endless Post--This list must be seen--and heard--to be believed.
Soft CityThe Soft City mp3 - Reminds one of The Dream Syndicate/Steve Wynn. OMG, did I just do an analogy? Don't worry, it won't happen again.

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