Monday, October 29, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Shoes, Red Button, Searchers, Little Girls, New Pornographers, Ooberman, Ringo Deathstarr, JeKKel

Sometimes you've just gotta stop right clicking and start typing. Sweet Golgotha, what a miraculous draft of hookery! Look and listen if you like.

Shoes - Not Me - Retro Music Snob
The Red Button - She’s About to Cross My Mind - 5 Acts
The Searchers - Hearts in Her Eyes (The Records cover) - Retro Music Snob
Little Girls - Earthquake Song - Retro Music Snob

The New Pornographers - Letter from an Occupant & Testament to Youth in Verse & Adventures in Solitude - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives
Ooberman - Car Song - A Plague of Angels
Ringo Deathstarr - Swirly - 17 Seconds
JeKKel - Brodie - Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Okay, I've still got this many more, but that's enough for now. Maybe later today. Many thanks to these beneficent bloggers, who baited and didn't switch.

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