Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lay, Lady Lay. . .: High Water Marks, Trolleyvox, Green Pajamas, Quarter After, Masonic, West Indian Girl, 1900s, Tulsa

. . .lay across my big brass blog. . . Yes, yes, I know, that's the first album, but I like this picture better, mkay?

Mind if I. . .lay a little music on you? Thanks very.

High Water Marks - The Leaves mp3 - I just now downloaded the new album, Polar, sight-unheard over at eMusic. "Sight-unheard [gasp, spit]? Are you crazy???" Maybe, but not in this case. I fell for 2004's Songs About the Ocean like sixteen tons. Its "Good I Feel Bad" delivers incandescent pleasure every listen, and "Queen of Verlaine" does some effective fancy-tickling as well. Anyway, that's enough emotin'.

The Trolleyvox - Much have I loved these Brotherly Lovers, as seen here. This new effort but fans the flames.
Your Secret Safe

The Green Pajamas - Wild Pony mp3 - from Box Of Secrets... - I said it before and I just might again: These Norwesters know how to dress for success.
The Night Races Into Anna

Masonic - from Austin!
Tulsa - Mass mp3 - I Was Submerged - Thanks to Pirate Brook, who, along with Pirate Meredith, has put together a fab little mix tape you might want to check out.

Not that anyone would get jealous (it'd be pathetic if they did), but just because I didn't say more doesn't mean I don't like every single song posted here because I very much do.

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