Thursday, November 15, 2007

Around the Blogosphere, Thirstday Edition: Lush, House of Love, Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr, Of Montreal, Math and Physics Club, Nyack, Zoey Van Goey

You're probably insatiable, but I'll keep trying to slake it. I thank the hostfolk for continuing to pour it on as well.

Lush – For Love – Some Velvet Blog – I’ll post this everytime I find it. Fantastic long-time fave.
The House of Love – Shine On – The Runout Groove
The Flaming Lips – Everything’s Explodin’ – Songs: Illinois – Take this, brother (and/or sister). May it serve you well. Long-time fave.
Dinosaur Jr – Feel the Pain – The Runout Groove

Of Montreal – Suffer for Fashion – The Rawking Refuses to Stop!
Math and Physics Club – Baby I’m Yours – The Rawking Refuses to Stop!
Nyack – Savage Smile – Spoilt Victorian Child
Zoey Van Goey – Foxtrot Vandals - SKATTERBRAIN

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