Thursday, November 22, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: T-Give Ought-Seven Edition

Thanks to the hosterposters and thanks to you for dropping by. Have a great day, holiday or not. Yepperewski, fine digital dining indeed. . .

The Posies – Any Other Way – Some Velvet Blog
Sloan – Underwhelmed – Some Velvet Blog
Service Group – Summer Sunn – 3hive
Panda Riot – Like Flowers at Night – Bag of Songs
Pet Politics – Taken Away By Aliens - Swedesplease

J. Mascis – Take a Run at the Sun – Some Velvet Blog
Say Hi – Dimensions and Verticals – Speed of Dark
MGMT – The Youth & Kids – Speed of Dark
Fanfarlo – You Are One of the Few Outsiders That Understand Us – The Yellow Stereo– Love the cute bass line (That's not an order.)

Ms. John Soda – Unsleeping – 5 Acts – Just because I generally don’t dig theme posts doesn’t mean I don't dig songs in theme posts. Besides, this is a Jared theme post, and that's a who' diffrunt aminal.
The Radio Dept – Sleeping In – 5 Acts
Sara Culler – Are You Sleeping – 5 Acts

Mansun – She Makes My Nose Bleed – The Runout Groove
The Siddeleys – My Favorite Wet Wednesday Afternoon - SKATTERBRAIN

Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re the One – Some Velvet Blog


Anonymous said...

thanks PP, the Service Group song is great - thanks for turning me on to a great band! and say hi is pretty cool too. hope you're having lots of turkey leftovers! johnbuck

pplist said...

Glad we're still on the same soundwavelength, johnbuck!

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