Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yet Another Happy Humptag: Chapterhouse, Hitchcock, Devin Davis, Babyshambles, No Age, Butcher the Bar, Pillbugs, Fine Arts Showcase

Hello, we're here to post some songs for your listening pleasure. Thank you for visiting.

Chapterhouse - Breather mp3 - We breathe a sigh of relief to be able to return this to our fold.
Robyn Hitchcock - I Wanna Go Backwards mp3 - So we oblige by posting the cover art for a personal fave, Globe of Frogs.
Devin Davis - Iron Woman mp3

No Age - My Life’s Alright Without You mp3 - Thanks, xlr8r.
Butcher the Bar - Get Away mp3
Faceless Wonder mp3
The Fine Arts Showcase - Dance with Your Shadow (Rough Bunnies cover) mp3 - Sure wish we could still do the Bunnies version, too, but we've been enjoying TFAS's for quite some time now. (Eek, I just noticed the version I originally posted cuts off early. As this and three other songs are available at the band's MySpace site, I hope Gustaf, et. al., won't mind my posting the full version.)

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