Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Prime Movers

Frankly I'm not sure how I first heard about Boston's The Prime Movers. I think it was via the Audities email discussion list, which by the way, I strongly suggest you join, being as we are on the cusp of the Best of 2007 lists the members will soon be flinging about. Anyway, I was moved to seek them out and when found, was really moved, in fact pretty much primally. After repeated soakings in their MySpace streams, I got up enough nerve to write the group and was gratified to get permish from guitarist/vocalist Dick Tate to post several of their songs. With your permish, I'm simply going to quote the brief bio from the MySpace site. It'll be mostly in red below, in case you're searching, with regulation quotation marks and the usual scholarly apparatus. I'm adding a few extra colors simply because that's how we do it here.

"Formed by high school chums Dick Tate (guitar, vocals), Cam Ackland (vocals, harmonica), Jeff Sugarman (bass, vocals) and Dennis McCarthy (drums), the Movers were inspired by their musical heroes the Who, the Jam and the Kinks. Adopting a power chord driven, vocal harmony approach, their sound is aggressive power pop with elements of “Mod” soul and 60’s go-go. Their full-length debut CD “Back In Line”, strives to capture their live energy with some refinement. Produced by Boston garage rock guru, Jack Younger (The Konks, Radio Knives, Eli “Paperboy” Reed), this CD represents the Prime Movers accurately, but hints at future works where Younger’s studio suave will be employed for more ambitious compositions. Currently the Movers play mostly in the New York and New England area with a European tour being planned for the fall of 2007."

Dick made a point of saying the second song, "'Left In The Dark,' is actually by a band called the Vertebrats (circa 1979) from Minneapolis." I'm posting two TPM originals and encouraging you to nip over to MySpace to check out another. Many thanks to Dick and the rest of the Movers for letting me post these excellent songs.


Anonymous said...

The Vertebrats are actually from Champaign, Il.

pplist said...

Uh oh. Okay, thanks.

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