Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Swift: Jesus Couldn't Drum, Ham1, Poison Control Center, Giantess, Tiger! Tiger!

We step lightly into the swift stream that is this week and hope to get swept away. Perhaps. . .some music?

Jesus Couldn’t Drum - I'm not sure what the story is here, but if I'm not supposed to post this, shomebody shtop me. Thanks to mp34u for the headsup.
Sister Dream mp3
Pop Song for a Funeral mp3 - Is this a Camper cover? Whether or not, these Athenians revivify my musical sweet spot.

Poison Control Center - Make Love a Star mp3
Tiger! Tiger! - So You Won't Deceive Me mp3 - Darned if the day after merrily posting "Black Daggers" this beaut doesn't arrive in my box. Which is to say, it did. Georgia's definitely on my mind these days.

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