Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GhostRockIt & The Conversation Heart

Through the kind ministrations of Gary over at the excellent Seattle-Powerpop, I was able in April to post a pleaser by Seattle poppers The Conversation Heart. This action paid dividends when former TCHer Ian Corbin contacted me from New York, where he is currently hard at work in his bedroom recording songs under the moniker, GhostRockIt. Ian’s having a tough time deciding whether to make the bandname one word or three, but it took me about .0013 second to decide he’s continuing to distill primo pop. He promised to send more GhostRockIts as they incarnate but also turned me loose on an excellent cache of TCH and gave me leave to post some. I’m assuming all concerned are still on good terms, so here we go. If it ain’t quite so, shomebody shtop me. If shomebody doesn’t, I’ll be posting more as the weeks roll by. If you can’t wait, you can download a couple more here. I know for a fact that many of my visitors like puzzles, so see if you can figure out which of the pictures is GhostRockIt and which is The Conversation Heart. And which is Ian. Or just listen to the songs.

Gotham mp3
Robot, Robot mp3

The Conversation Heart
Misery is Flattery mp3
UFO mp3

Click bandnames for more.


Anonymous said...

Gotham should be number 1 with a bullet! great stuff!

pplist said...


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