Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Convo: AM Syndicate, Nada Surf, Pollard, Five O'Clock Heroes, Moot, AVO-8, Language of Flowers

Cottontop speaka dey language.

Just trying to make a little convo here while you check out the tunes. So how was your day? Good, good. Mine? Oh, f-. . .right, laters.

Nada Surf - See These Bones mp3

Robert Pollard - The Killers mp3 - He's a self-aware genius.
Five O’Clock Heroes - White Girls - Sometimes they use "The" and sometimes they don't. Last time we did, this time we won't.

The Moot - Manic Man mp3 - Good job, womons.
AVO-8 - When You're Gone mp3
Language of Flowers - Just felt like reposting these, in case you missed them previously. And check out Crashsite, if you like the primitive.
Tara Mascara mp3
If It's Not You mp3


Anonymous said...

AM Syndicate rules. Who are they? That song is so good.

pplist said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr. BC. Yeh, I like 'em, too, obviously. Austin band. (You know the town, I think.) Click on their name for more.

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