Saturday, November 17, 2007

From the Archives

As many of you who have tried it will attest, blogging can be extremely cerebral. Not for me, of course: I go strictly by feeling, and awhile ago my feelings said, "Go to the Archives and make us groove." After diving in, I emerged cleansed and refreshed. After combing through them, I emerged well groomed. Etc. Clicking the song titles should launch the songs.*** Clicking the artists' names will take you to the original posts, where you will find all kinds of potentially useful matter.

The Sky Drops - Million mp3
Coco B's - Sister Cold Caller mp3

Mitch Easter - Time Warping mp3

Palomar - You’re Keeping Us Up mp3

***I was getting some popup-blocking action when testing some of these links. If this happens to you, hold down Ctrl when clicking the song title. Only a suggestion.


bobbym529 said...

I think Mitch Easter's Dynamico would be my choice for Album of the Year. The more you listen to it the better it gets.

pplist said...

Well, he IS God. . .one of Them, anyway. :-) Thanks for your comment, bobby.

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