Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful, Already: Ponys, Manhattan Love Suicides, Fireflies, Bell, Elias, Superchunk, Portastatic, Aislers Set, Henry's Dress

From around the sphere - by email, diligent seeking, pony express - myriad pleasure-inducing aural experiences aggregate in this little corner, begging to be bruited. I for one am thankful, and in the particular country in which I reside, that is especially appropriate tomorrow. "Shut up and post," booms my Blogospherial Overlord, and I am only too happy to comply.

Just Now
The Ponys - 1209 Seminary mp3 - Thanks to AOL's
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Last Stand mp3 - Love their tendencies.

Dual Memberbships

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