Friday, November 02, 2007

These, Luvs: Maritime, Yo La Tengo, Comet Gain, Pluramon, Friday Bridge

The Word: "weekend," as in "Have a nice one." (That's kind of what the album cover's saying to me.)

Maritime - The more I hear these Milwaukee guys, the more I love 'em. Wish I could do them justice logo-wise, but I feel what I hear. Some people have a way with words and others. . .not have way.
For Science Fiction mp3 - I know, I already posted it, but it's one of my faves of the year. And since you noticed, I'll repost the next one, too. Notice anything else? I'll shut up or I won't respect me in the morning either.

Yo La Tengo - Little Eyes mp3 - Te quiero a tí, Yo.
Comet Gain - Just One More Summer Before I Go mp3 - Dedicated to our friends down Oz way. It won't be long, yeah.
Pluramon - Drowning in You mp3 - Thanks, 'fork.
Friday Bridge - Love and Nostalgia mp3 - Kinda dancy, but we like.

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