Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mission Statement Trois: The Charm

I really don’t have much to say now, so I’ll just post a few songs, with links and without patter.

I do want to mention I am trying to post a mixture of songs from the long, semi-distant and recent past, whenever that was. I have specific people in mind with whom I’ve been sharing music down through the years but also want to excite new friends and please all who come. I know some of you are already listening to some of what I’m posting, in part because you gave it to me. Please send more, by word or deed. I’ve already picked up a couple of new acquaintances, so I most definitely have you firmly in mind as well. I also want to put up current product I come across during my daily rounds at the rota to the right (“Favorite Music Blogs”). I’m not trying to be all-inclusive like The Hype Machine or other music aggregators. Call me a music disaggregator, choosing from the bountiful board only the most delectable dainties.

Brief Musical Interlude---Hold that thought. I feel the need for tune.

Dutch Elms - Cleopatra m4a
Grey Does Matter - Summer Song mp3

There, I feel better, you? Now, where were we? Oh, yes, I remember.

I’m not bound by genre. My main criteria in posting are: 1) Might you like it? 2) Do I? I’m not putting stuff here to be cutting edge or to swell the buzz. I’m not trying to be fab and all the other pimply hyperboles. Cutting edge is fine, but the guiding question is: Do we like the song? If you want to make wide, deep, impressive incisions, I encourage you to visit the rota, too. You will find much fine cutlery, but some of it does not please me in the wielding. Different strokes, etc. Make no mistake, those websites are fantastic. They have enriched my life immeasurably. I’m extremely grateful to all those hardworking women and men. I mean that. I thank you. You’ve put me in touch with a wealth of incredible music, some of which I’ll be sharing here.

Of course I’ve been wondering if anyone’s liking any of the things I’ve been posting, so it’s been good to get positive feedback through comments and email. One pat on the head and I’m grinnin’ and waggin’ like one of Cesar’s prize, pliant, pup(il)s. Comments are most welcome. I very much want to please my core audience. Yes, both of you. Okay, the other one just left, so, yes, I very much want to please YOU, right there, all by your lonesome in front of the screen, panting and waiting for the next juicy jewel of jukejam. Juicy jewel. Now there’s a term I haven’t heard in a long, long time. Freakin’ poet here.

So here we go. (So much for not having much to say, as I spill cyber all over your screen.) I'll post a few more, reload, and be back soon.

Aerospace - Tenderness is the Plight of the Weakerthan mp3
8 Miles High - See My Way mp3 ---Thanks to stytzer for the alert.
The M's - Plan of the Man mp3

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