Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Prids (Redux) & The December Sound--With Thanks

I mentioned last week two music blogs I recently discovered that are particularly rich in excellent music: Coast is Clear and Hits in the Car. The two bloggers, Peter and stytzer respectively, are extremely generous and have been particularly helpful to this newbie, for which again I offer many thanks. Last week I posted songs I found at stytzer's HITC, "Simple Thing" by the Swedish group DAYS and "Slave to Your Charms" by the Danish band Kind of Girl. In this post I would like to post a couple of thrillers I found at CIC.

Prior to beginning my blog, I had been visiting myriad blogs for a couple of years downloading good music but paying little attention to where I was getting it from. Going back through CIC clarified where I had first come across "The Problem" by Portland, Oregon's The Prids. Last week I could only direct you to the band's website to listen to the song. Now that I have found the link, I would like to post it and encourage you to visit Coast is Clear to hear two other songs by The Prids. As I said in my previous post, this song should appeal to fans of Superchunk and Portastatic.

I found the other song just last night at CIC: "Kill Me Before I Kill You," by Boston's The December Sound. This song gloriously blends psychedelia, shoegaze, and dream pop. And don't worry, kiddies, the title's scarier than the lyrics. In fact, I didn't hear those six words together in the entire song. That doesn't necessarily mean they're not in there somewhere.

Hundreds of people per day visit these two excellent blogs. Join them and you'll see why. Oh, and one other thing. In a fascinating "duh" moment today, I realized I can use online translators such as Babelfish to read Coast is Clear. Ja wohl!

The Prids - The Problem mp3
The December Sound - Kill Me Before I Kill You mp3

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