Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Parasol's Best of Scandinavia and Finland, 2006: A Selection

In the latest update from Parasol Records, Jim Kelly shared his picks of the best new music of Scandinavia and Finland for 2006. Here are five songs I particularly liked. Click on each band name for additional information.

Moneybrother - Reconsider Me mp3
David & The Citizens - 48h wma
Ed Harcourt Loneliness wma
Melpo Mene Holes wma
Paddington Distortion Combo - Nothing To It wma


Jim/Parasol said...

I've updated it here with my honorable mention list...

pplist said...

Thanks, Jim. The original listing is brilliant, and I'm already putting together a post of my favorites from the Honorable Mentions.

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