Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Walnut Dash

These long lankins are so 2004/1964, so how about a little retro retro? I was looking back through my playlists and remembered them fondly. I did a blog check, and yes, they were and still are being written about. I’m going to play them anyway. They are long of limb and short of song. (7 songs = 18 minutes total on Titbits.) Tallest band in England? Maybe. (Average height, according to Pop Matters: 6’3”.) Essex or London? Both. Trio or quartet? Trio. We seem to see four, but I’m thinking mirror, you know, retro. Suspect album title but perfectly legit, as an alternative spelling. (I looked it up. Certainly do not want to offend. Fussy me.) Here are my three favorite bits. The rest of the album is available for free here.

The Walnut Dash - Titbits
Just Feel mp3
Sarah H. mp3
Top Drawer mp3

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