Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secret Dakota Ring. . .

. . .are basically the solo project of Brooklyn-based Andy Ross. Secret Dakota Ring’s website perhaps best summarizes what this band is all about.

Tune in! Secret Dakota Ring is pirate radio for rock lovers and crooked hearts, a pop broadcast on fractured frequencies of fuzzy harmony, trembling guitars, unassailable beats and bittersweet melodies in whisper and scream. When every force at play in the world seems bent on blinding you to the truth and nothing is easy to see, when life seems a code that needs breaking, turn up the volume on Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way and listen through encryption to the blazoned message in stereo.

Okay, I get the gist, but I need one of them rings to decode it all. The music is much more accessible.

Secret Dakota Ring - Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way
broken cars mp3
my window mp3
beautiful girl mp3


Anonymous said...

Love Beautiful girl - it sounds like a lullaby for lovers

Anonymous said...

dude. isn't that guy in OK Go?

pplist said...

To kirkt: hey, that's kinda romantic. :))

To anonymous: dude. you are one sharpeyed cookie. check out the following:





same name (except "rusty"), similar picture; is this a cia plot involving rings and treadmills? hmmmmm. . .

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