Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You Are My Everything

Go Jukebox! is a new online Swedish label that set up operations on May 1 of this year with a rather unique pricing structure for downloads: they give away the songs for free. No charge. Zilch. Nada. Sweet. They are doing this to encourage other labels to loosen up, while also trying to attract bands to their label. So far they have four. I discovered this during my daily visits to Coast is Clear and Hits in the Car. (Thanks yet again, guys.) Peter and stytzer have divided up the four bands between them and posted two songs by each group. Out of those eight songs, I’ve chosen one, plus one more from the Go Jukebox! site. Please visit CIC and HITC to scope out the other good stuff. Well, what are you waiting for? Go! Oh, um, maybe listen to the two I posted first? If you wanta. No obligation, etc. Right.

You Are My Everything
Can You Feel What It Takes mp3
A Heart is Still a Heart mp3


stytzer said...

Great to see you recommending Go Jukebox! as well :-)
Hopefully our joined efforts will have some kind of positive impact!

pplist said...

Yes, indeed. Go, Go Jukebox! As always, you are extremely generous. Thanks, my friend.

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